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About Us

Based in Westbury, Wiltshire, Polar Truck & Van has a rich heritage that can be traced back over many years. The Management Team has over 40 years’ experience between them and are highly qualified to offer expertise in the refrigerated transport industry for a one-off small van or a fleet of 26t trucks to ensure that you, the customer, get the right specification to maximise your refrigerated operation.

Polar Truck & Van offer a comprehensive range of high quality, innovative temperature controlled solutions for operators of refrigerated commercial vehicles and operate on a nationwide basis.

Our unique, 120 point pre-delivery inspection ensures your completed vehicle is up to standard and matches your specification.

We are fully ATP certified!

Formed in the early 1970’s The Agreement on the international carriage of perishable foodstuffs known as the ATP agreement (after it French initials) were signed up to by the UK in 1979.

It was set up initially to control the carriage of foodstuffs across international borders as there had been many cases of trailer loads of spoiled foodstuffs traveling between countries in Europe. It is now used nationally by many of our continental colleagues within their own borders. Such countries as France, Germany, Italy and Spain have a policy of no ATP certificate no operation of refrigerated vehicle, a policy that hopefully will be in the UK shortly.

To achieve ATP certification on van conversions and bodies, Polar have to insulate a van, which is submitted along with engineering drawings for independent testing this is carried out by a government recognised facility called Cambridge Refrigeration Technology (CRT). Over a three day period they subject the bodywork to numerous tests to calculate the thermal efficiency on the van conversion. On passing the strenuous tests we are issued with a certificate allowing us to build van conversions and supply a certificate with a completed van.

Our latest certification for refrigerated van production runs from June 2013 to June 2019.

ATP certification gives you the consumer the peace of mind that your refrigerated van conversion is “fit for purpose”, and also boosts the potential resale value of the vehicle in the future. There are reportedly 25 companies providing refrigerated van conversions, but less than 5 can issue a certificate – it is always wise to ask a company for a copy of its current ATP certificate – if it can not supply one you would be advised not to purchase and instead find a company that does build to “ATP” standard.